Ringawera Lavash - 5 flavours

Available in 5 Flavours:

Sea SaltThis is an uncomplicated version of Lavash designed to go with cheeses and chutneys/relishes. Perhaps nice with a simple brie or blue, or with a guacamole or hummus.

SesameServe Sesame Lavash with dips, especially Hummus and Tsatziki. Sesame Lavash is also great as part of a hot dish.

SpicedThe combination of spices, (caraway seed, fennel seed and dill tips) are lightly roasted before being mixed with the other ingredients, flour, salt and olive oil. The flavour is subtle enough to not overpower your favourite cheese or dip, but will most certainly compliment it.

Chilli and Olive - If you like your snacks with a bit of zing, then this is the Lavash for you. This product incorporates "Olive Zing", a special blend of Olives and herbs created by Hawkes Bay local Telegraph Hill Olivery. To this we add an extra kick of chilli powder and Waiheke Olive Oil and Sea Salt to finish.