Addmore Sparkling Elderflower Rose

Addmore Elderflower products have a unique flavour steeped in tradition. From the sun drenched heart of New Zealand, the warm aroma of hand picked elderflowers is captured.

Enjoy the distinctive delicate  fresh taste for all seasons.

Addmore elderflower is a great non alcoholic drink, perfect hot or cold and makes a great twist in a cocktail.

Addmore Elderflower products are available in Sparkling(either original or rose) and cordial. 

  • 330ml small sparkling (rose and plain)
  • 375ml cordial
  • 700ml large sparkling (rose and plain)

Addmore Elderflower Cordial was a Cuisine Artisan award winner in 2010 and Addmore Elderflower sparkling Rose was a Cuisine Artisan award winner in 2011